Anna Kathleen Whaley

Nationality: US
Current Residency: US
Generation: 8 | 2008-2010
Last Update: February 5, 2013

Anna Whaley(US/BE/DE) hails from Baltimore, Maryland. After studying anthropology and philosophy at Smith College, she received her degree in dance at Tisch School of the Arts (NYU) and studied at Movement Research until 2008. She attended the research cycle at P.A.R.T.S. from 2008-2010 and currently resides between Berlin, Brussels and NYC. She finds great pleasure in the creative collaboration of dance and theatrical works with international artists, both as a performer and director. She is drawn to the study of perception, layers of meaning and experience that these forms afford. She is currently touring with productions of Kate McIntosh and Daniel Linehan

Anna is currently teaching her body new forms and ways of functioning through training in acrobatics at Espace Catastrophe (BE) as well as STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (NYC), hip hop at Move Zone (BE), StepsNYC and DNA (NYC) and running (everywhere)! 

Through the aid of several colleagues Anna has cultivated her skills of analysis, directorship and feedback/observation by assuming roles of outside eye, rehearsal director or assistant to the choreographer. She is honored to be working currently as Director's Assistant to the inspiring Christopher Williams' dance opera Wolf in Skins.

When Anna is not acting in these capacities or performing herself, she is completely excited to be building a platform that addresses the pervasive issue of street harassment in cities across the world via the organization Hollaback!Brussels which she founded with 3 other women in the spring of 2012 .

Anna is a member of the Shamhbala Meditation group of Brussels and helps staff monthly day-long meditation teaching and practice sessions. She is also currently finishing up her 200 hour yoga teacher certification and offers vinyasa flow as well as deep restorative classes, through which she offers students ways of understanding and engaging with their daily lives.

Working on the streets of Brussels through the activities of Hollaback!, as well as encountering the work and intelligence of local artists, activists and friends has inspired her to do actions in response to the socio-political reality in each city in which she finds herself. These have been investigative writing, visual and audio art projects, live performances, poster making and going onto the streets to show support or disapproval of social and political happenings. Anna is inspired to participate in societal critique and creative solution making for issues which we find ourselves facing.

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