Philipp Stummer

Nationality: AT
Current Residency: GB
Generation: 2 | 1996-1999
Last Update: February 4, 2013

My name is Philipp Stummer, I am 35 years old and come from Austria. After training in Austria I left to start at PARTS in 1996 and after PARTS I immediately got a job at Galili Dance (Director Itzik Galili) in Groningen/Holland where I worked for 10 years. During this time I also worked with choreographers such as Stephen Shropshire, Guy Vaizman&Roni Haver, Jussi Noussianen and more. After a short break I left Holland in April 2009 to join a Company called Motionhouse in Leamington Spa/UK where I worked until September 2012. During those years I also did a Project for Resolution 2012 with the dancer and Choreographer Laura Pena Nunez where I composed and recorded the music for. Music was a part of my life since I could hold two wooden sticks and drum on cardboard boxes. Very recently I stopped working due to change of career. Now, whilst enjoying fatherhood I am teaching two days a week at the BOA Academy in Birmingham and the rest I fill with other work.

Previously I have never had time to do woodwork, which is a hobby of mine. For this reason I have decided to start a course in 'Furniture craft and Design' at the Warwickshire College in September 2013 which will then hopefully take off as my second career.

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