Aneta Szydlak

Nationality: PL
Current Residency: DE
Generation: 4 | 1998-2002
Last Update: February 12, 2013

Aneta Szydlak joined the Joe Alter Dance Group (Lublin, Poland) in 1999 and worked with the company until 2002. During this time she also received a Master Degree in Marketing from the Academy of Economics in Krakow. In 2003 she moved for a year to Berlin, Germany in order to join cie. toula limnaios.

From 2004 until 2011 she lived and worked in UK. In that time she worked on independent projects with various artists, Dance Theatre of Irland and Yael Flexer/Dance and Digital Works among others. 

Parallel to dance she's been following her other passion - photography. Eventually moving away from dance she concentrated on fine art photography. To get her abstract images she travels extensively throught Europe, Africa and Asia.

In March 2013 she has her first solo exhibition within an international event - Photographie Spring in Zingst.


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