Claire Godsmark

Nationality: GB
Current Residency: GB
Generation: 4 | 1998-2002
Last Update: January 29, 2013

Since completing her training at PARTS in Brussels Claire Godsmark has been involved in research work with Wendy Houstoun and Rosemary Butcher, as well as dancing and performing in projects including the Kaaitheater Brussels production of Thomas Lehman‚Äôs Schreibstuck, Document 4 with Canadian choreographer Lynda Gaudreau, Frank Bock and Simon Vincenzi's Invisible Dances, Limewire with Andros Zins-Browne, the Brussels production of William Forsythe's Human Writes and Davis Freeman's Saving Lies. She has also been involved in an ongoing collaboration with Etienne Guilloteau and Claire Croize, performing one part of Croize's 2006 trio of solos Affected and joining both artists onstage in Guilloteau's Tres Scripturae, commissioned as part of the Brussels Kunsten Festival Des Arts in 2010. Godsmark has been mentor and dramaturg for many of the duets of Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, and has recently finished studying Garden Design at the acclaimed Capel Manor College in London. She currently lives in UK and has recently premiered in a new piece entitled Chant Eloigne choreographed by Claire Croize.

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