Auditions for the Research Studios 2017-18

For details on the content and structure of the programme, check here.


Application procedure

The application goes in two phases:

Each candidate should send in a concise dossier, containing:

- a short cv containing the education and experiences which are relevant for this program

- a motivation letter of no more than 2 pages, which addresses the applicant’s interest in the program and the research topics it introduces, and sketches a first idea on how the participants’ interests and possible research could connect to the program

- 2 reference letters by professionals who are active in the field

- links to a video with an excerpt of relevant work, which should be no longer than 10 minutes.

- An indication of which date and place the candidate could be present for the audition

Dossiers should be sent in by email to Steven De Belder,

The dossier will be studied by the selection committee. 

Deadline for application: 

Dossiers will be treated as they come in, and an answer can be expected within approximately 2 weeks. In order to be able to organise yourself well to eventually travel to Brussels to participate in the final audition, it is advised to send it in as early as possible.
Dossiers sent by January 1st will receive an answer by January 16
Dossiers sent by February 1st will receive an answer by February 13
Dossiers sent by March 1st will receive an answer by March 13
Dossiers sent by March 15 will receive an answer by April 1st
Dossiers sent by March 27 will receive an answer by April 5.
March 27 is the final deadline. Dossiers received after March 27 may not be taken into account anymore.


2/ Final audition
The final audition will take place in Brussels, April 10-13, 2017.
Only candidates who have passed the first round of the audition can participate to the final audition.
The final audition will consist of a performative task, writing, individual and group discussions. Details and tasks to prepare will be sent  at least three weeks before the final audition.
Candidates must be able to participate to the four days of final audition. There is no alternative way of being selected for the program.


Profile of the applicants

PARTS is looking for a group of young choreographers, dancers and dramaturges who value experimentation and collaboration, who are interested to associate their own research and questioning to the topics and practices proposed and to the research of the other participants. Participants should have an active affinity with the fields of poetry and music, but formal knowledge of music is not required.

PARTS is interested in people whose practice is grounded in working in the studio, and is open to different modes of collaboration, different aesthetic approaches,  and various definitions of authorship.

Formal requirements:

Choreographers/makers: BA in dance, choreography, performance, or a MA in a different field, or at least 3 years of professional experience. Candidates must have experience in making/authoring work.

Dramaturges: BA in dance, choreography, performance or theatre/dance/performance studies, or an MA in a different field or at least 3 years of professional experience in dramaturgy. Candidates must have experience with the practice of dramaturgy.

PARTS aims at a predominantly young group, aged between 22 and 30. Exceptions to this are possible.

Candidates can apply as a team with a research proposal, but each individual should send a dossier, and the selection will be individual as well.

The Research Studios has place for max. 12 participants.


Study costs and scholarships

Study costs

Registration fee: 2500€ 

Tuition fee: 2500€

A daily macrobiotic lunch (during the periods in which the program is active) is included in the tuition fee.

The living expenses (accommodation, food, other) are estimated between 600€ (minimum) and 1000€ (more comfortable) per month, not including travel to and from Belgium.

Accommodation has to be sought on the private housing market in Brussels. Sharing an apartment with others is usually the most economic option. The student administrator at PARTS can provide information to help with searching for accommodation.



A good number of scholarships are available; the budget is limited, but we can help those who need it.

In order to qualify for a scholarship, a candidate must prove that s/he has searched for scholarships at other funding bodies. Hopefully this will help you to be totally or partially independent of our scholarship fund. Moreover, by searching a scholarship with third bodies for yourself, you will also support all other students! Because the more candidates find support in other places, the more those who need(s)a PARTS scholarship the most, can actually benefit from our scholarship fund.  

PARTS will accompany the candidates in this search. It is strongly advised to start searching for scholarships before the final audition!

If you need more clarity about the possibilities, relating to your individual situation, please contact Els De Meyer.

The budget for the scholarships is provided through the [DNA] Departures and Arrivals project, with the support of the European Commission (Creative Europe program).

De volgende audities voor de “Training Cycle”: voorjaar 2019

Het programma voor de Training Cycle duurt drie jaar. Slechts elke drie jaar selecteren we nieuwe studenten. Het nieuwe programma begint in September 2019. Hiervoor doen we audities in het voorjaar 2019.