Jurij Konjar

Nationality: SI
Current Residency: SI
Generation: 4 | 1998-2002
Last Update: January 18, 2013

I've been observing thought processes in two way interactions with the physical. This was triggered by the dancing I saw in a video of Steve Paxton's Goldberg Variations and fueled by a long process of repetition, observation and imagination. Previously to the Goldberg I’ve directed movement-based stage works focusing on being present in the moment; belonging to a space; the place of an individual within a group; the importance and value of mistakes. Teaching what I thought I knew was another great teacher in my training, requiring eloquence and recognition. It seems that from a young age I would look for and learn about movement in everything I did; first instinctively, then intentionally, then with awareness.

To resume: A snail gets mugged by two turtles. When police come and question him about it, he answers - "I don't know what to tell you, it all happened so fast..."

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