Research studios
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This page is about the structure of the actual Research Studios of the year 2017-2018.


11/9/2017 until 29/6/2018

The programme is divided in 5 blocks of 5 to 8 weeks each, interrupted by short breaks of 1 or 2 weeks.

During the 34 weeks of these 5 blocks, 20 weeks are devoted to seminars and workshops, and 14 weeks are completely reserved for self-directed individual/collective research work.

In the weeks they are taking place, seminars and workshops run during the afternoons (usually 4,5 hours). In the mornings, students can work on the self-directed research or join the dance classes of the Training Cycle.

During the breaks, students can continue working in the studios (except during the Christmas break).

Summer 2018

Between 2/7 and 26/8, there is an optional block of 8 weeks. If desired and needed students can continue working on their final presentations, but between July 2 and August 12, this needs to happen outside P.A.R.T.S. because of the summer activities organised there. From August 12 onwards, five P.A.R.T.S.-studios are available again for two weeks to prepare for the final presentations.

Final phase 27/8 until 14/9/2018

The final phase of the programme takes place from August 27 until September 14, 2018, with presentations and feedback.

Studio time for self-directed research

In the mornings: there are generally 3 studios available for self-directed individual/collective research

In the afternoons: if approached individually, during the 14 weeks of open time for self-directed research, each student would have approx. 4 weeks for an individual project.

In the evenings and weekends, students can also work, according to availability of studios, which have to be shared with the Training students. In times of full use of the capacity, each student has approx. 4 hours per week studio time in evening or weekend.

Overview of the year


11/9 - 13/10: first block
16/10 - 29/10: break
30/10 - 15/12: second block
16/12 - 3/1: break (no access to the studios between 24/12 and 3/1)


4/1 - 23/2: third block
24/2 - 4/3: break
5/3 - 20/4: fourth block
21/4 - 6/5: break
7/5 - 29/6: fifth block
2/7 - 24/8: summer break (no access to the studios between 9/7 and 12/8)
27/8 - 14/9: final block