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Do you feel ill, do you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is ill?
Please stay at home.

We ask you to respect the 1,5m distance rule at all times with people outside of your 'bubble'.

Wearing a mouth mask is compulsory everywhere and at all times (both outside and inside). P.A.R.T.S. does not provide mouth masks.

Hand sanitizer stations are installed throughout the building. Use them accordingly.

Waiting can be done outside or inside in the designated space.
We do not provide a cloakroom, but you will have enough space around your seat to put your coat or bag away.

To avoid queuing, we will start filling up the performance space 15 minutes before the starting time.

Our hosts will guide each bubble or individual, personally to their seat. One seat will be left open in between bubbles or individuals to ensure a covid-proof set-up in the venue. The room will be filled row by row, so the spectators will not cross each other. In order to ensure all going smoothly, we ask for bubbles to arrive together.

At the end of the performance, follow our hosts' instructions and signs to the exit. Exiting the auditorium, row by row, will take longer than normal. We thank you in advance for your patience!


You can find all information about the sector protocol at sectorgids professionele kunsten.
Covid-19 coordinator for PARTS: Wieter Bloemen (

We have an adapted circulation plan in which social distancing is easy to apply and where audience flows do not intersect.

The ventilation system in the auditorium ensures the constant flow of fresh outside air.

The auditorium is cleaned before each performance. The same goes for the stage. Corridors are cleaned daily with a professional cleaning machine. Seats are disinfected after each performance, as well as doors, handles and around the handles.

On stage, the general rules of the sector protocol are strictly followed. Safety, hygiene and distance are taken care of.
The artists create their own production bubble for the duration of rehearsals and performances, subject to strict restrictions in their private lives, committed to reducing their contacts to an absolute minimum. The rest of the crew (production, technique, audience supervision, etc.) always respect 1,5m of distance, both from each other and from the audience and the artists. During a performance, the artists maintain at least 2m of distance from the audience and crew. On stage, the 1,5m distance rules is the basis for artists. For scenes where this is impossible, the distance rule may be exceeded, provided joining the production bubble.

The audience capacity of the Rosas Performance space is 65 people.
The audience capacity of Wild Gallery is 30 people.