Auditions Training
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P.A.R.T.S. organizes a number of activities to get familiar with the school and the program.
Are you a young aspiring dancer/choreographer considering participating in the auditions for the Training program of 2022-2025?
During the winter of 2021-2022, you can participate in three long weekends of workshops with contemporary dance classes, composition, ballet, theory etc.

For the WINTER WORKSHOPS we accept the same age limit as for participants of the Training Cycle auditions: you have to be at least 18 and maximum 23 years old (both ages on Dec 31, 2022).
The participants are not observed and there is no feedback available regarding the participants’ chances of succeeding in the auditions.

Sat-Sun October 30-31, 2021 - Fee €55 - Max. 25 participants
Wed-Fri January 5-7, 2022 - Fee €75 - Max. 25 participants
Sat-Sun February 26-27, 2022 - Fee €55 - Max. 25 participants


You have to register through an online registration form.
We can only confirm your reservation after we have received the fee for the workshop. Cancellations can not be reimbursed.
You will need a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) for the Winter workshops.

For the Winter Workshop of Sat-Sun October 30-31, 2021: REGISTER HERE

For the Winter Workshop of Wed-Fri January 5-7, 2022:
online registration form will follow later

For the Winter Workshop of Sat-Sun February 26-27, 2022:
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Sat-Sun October 30-31, 2021 - Fee €55 - Max. 25 participants
Saturday 30/10, from 10h30 until 18h:

contemporary technique class with Youness Khoukhou, ballet class with Lise Vachon, composition workshop with Marie Goudot and Michael Pomero, and a Q&A session about PARTS and the audition process with tutor Lise Vachon and coordinator Steven De Belder.
Sunday 31/10 from 9.00 to 15.30:
yoga class with Laia Puig Escandell, contemporary technique class with David Hernandez, workshop composition with Marie goudot and Michael Pomero.

2. Wed-Fri January 5-7, 2022 - Fee €75 - Max. 25 participants

-> more detailed information will follow

Sat-Sun February 26-27, 2022 - Fee €55 - Max. 25 participants
-> more detailed information will follow


Personal work Jellyfish - picture by Tine Declerck
Personal work Jellyfish - picture by Tine Declerck

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Sat-Sun October 30-31, 2021

Contemporary class with Youness Khoukhou

A body work preparation based on breathing exercises in relation to the anatomy structure of our bodies, that will lead us to sensitivity and listening and open our bodies by creating spaces for dialogues.
Quick physical investigation of different schemas that we rely on to move.
Proposing different schemas that provide constant movement dialogue within the body and its surrounding, by working with the notion of the instability and letting the body express immediate sensations.

Ballet class with Lise Vachon (bio)
In this class, we will explore a range of dynamic and qualitative possibilities within ballet technique, using breathing as a support to open the body while dancing. Focusing on principles such as: volume of the whole body, use of weight to achieve groundedness, awareness of sending the body and limbs in clear directions and use of opposition to find length and freedom of movement. Musicality will guide us throughout our explorations.

Yoga class with Laia Puig Escandell (bio)
During this class we will be introduced to Yoga as a holistic practice. The five points of the holistic system are: proper exercise (Asana), proper breathing (Pranayama), proper relaxation (Savasan), proper diet (vegetarian), positive thinking and meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana), although we will mainly work on the first 2-3 points. We will go through the basics of the Yoga practice to get a clear understanding on alignment, what are we opening, strengthening and stimulating in each asana/position, to remove unhelpful body patterns and using the breath to open up and grow in awareness.

Contemporary class with David Hernandez (bio)
I am interested in movement and training the body to express through movement in a detailed and precise way but without the loss of the individual expression. The class is highly physical with an emphasis on detail. We concentrate on establishing a clear, efficient body alignment as a base to move from while making gravity our partner through discovering the notion of falling and redirected weight. There is an exposure to very specific, dynamic movement vocabulary that concentrates on moving weight, density and texture and the musicality of physical material. Each individual and individual body is different, therefore the material must be translated by each person in its own unique way.

Workshop composition - Marie Goudot (bio) and Michael Pomero (bio)
For this workshop, we will share with the participants some of the composition tools developed in recent creation processes of Rosas. An invitation made to the participants to create their own movement material anchored on clear spatial principles and simple movement initiation. Later on, they will extend this material in space, inventing different versions of it according to certain parameters. On the second day we will propose to them to compose in small groups a short cell combining the different materials created, putting the emphasis on their own understanding of the articulation of time and space.