Exiiit Festival
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As part of their finishing of studies the P.A.R.T.S students have been organising and working intensively on the Exiiit Festival which will take place between the 24th of June and the 9th of July 2022. The Exiiit Festival will be their most extensive collective project yet, composed of performances, exhibitions, discussions and more activities carefully selected and prepared entirely by the students themselves. Although the concern of this festival will be to show the work the students have been making during their three years of studies(such as repertoire, creations, solo work ect.), there will be many more events and happenings which will create an inviting atmosphere open to all types of audiences. By means of this festival the public will have a chance to encounter the new emerging artists which stand behind Generation 13, as well as gain a perspective on the work they have been doing over the past three years.