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The GXII FESTIVAL took place between 2nd - 13th July, 2019.

12 days for Generation 12.

44 students, over 60 works.

Curated, performed, choreographed by the students of GXII.

For the GXII Festival we, the graduating students of P.A.R.T.S, take a look back over the past 3 years.

We present a puzzle of works/workings/works-in-progress that span from 1st year to graduation. It is a platform for us to share what we have done, what we want to do and who we are as GXII.

FREE! No ticket price!
But seats are limited!

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For any further questions contact us on Facebook or email us at festival@parts.be


Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164
1190 Brussels

2nd-13th July

Tuesday 2nd
18:00 Programme 1
20:45 Programme 2

Wednesday 3rd
18:00 Programme 1
20:45 Programme 2

Thursday 4th
18:00 Programme 1
19:30 Talk! Public
20:45 Programme 2

Friday 5th
18:00 Programme 1
20:45 Programme 2

Saturday 6th
17:00 Open Workshops
19:30 Talk! Public
20:45 Programme 1… Party!

Sunday 7th
18:00 Programme 1
19:30 Talk! Public
20:45 Programme 2

Monday 8th
18:00 Programme 1
20:45 Programme 2

Tuesday 9th
18:00 Programme 1
20:45 Programme 2

Wednesday 10th
18:00 Programme 1
20:45 Programme 2

Thursday 11th
17:00 Talk! Public
18:00 Programme 1

Friday 12th
18:00 Programme 1
20:45 Programme 2

Saturday 13th
Full day from 11:00 onwards
19:00 Talk! Public
20:45 Programme 1… Party!



  1. Drumming/fragments
  2. Vortex Temporum- 3rd Movement
  3. Bartók- Quatuor No. 4
  4. Rosas Danst Rosas- 2nd movement
  5. A Twelve Ton Rose- A Suite of Excerpts adapted for the Dancers of P.A.R.T.S.


  1. The Well-Tempered Clavier, with Alain Franco
  2. Short works with Ivana Müller
  3. Let It All Out
  4. Solo Marathon
  5. Passing Through

PERSONAL WORKS (from inside the curriculum)

  1. Piece #1
  2. /bɪˈtwiːn/
  3. ヨM ME
  5. 8 Femmes
  6. Sonotre
  7. 900 something days
  8. Let’s Talk, Seriously
  10. I.B. 99085
  11. Duo
  12. https:/fortrioclickhere.wixsite.com/trio
  13. Quatre Pièces Fébriles

PERSONAL WORKS (from outside the curriculum)

  2. Sorry not Sorry
  3. Betray Your Heart
  4. Dear Deer
  5. Bear Bear
  6. Bacterial Transmission
  7. Reflection on Near Future
  8. It’s so hard.
  9. No(w)here
  10. AESTUS
  11. A lecture which
  12. Re-
  13. I hope it is, shit.
  14. Abstract Body (external appearance identity, what appears is not what shines)
  15. H _ _ story
  16. Cal and the music do a dance
  17. break.in.two
  18. And again, in things
  19. A Series of Events
  20. Everyone knows what it means to think
  21. Self/Unnamed
  22. In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields
  23. Rice
  24. COMING in out


  1. Into Waves
  2. Meanwhile we forget that the moon does rise
  3. amidst a like- commodified and concealed deceived awareness like truth
  4. Try it! Out!
  5. To be random

Choreographers, collaborators and tutors of the GXII Festival:

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Trisha Brown
Alain Franco
Ivana Müller
Cristian Duarte
David Zambrano
Johanne Saunier
Ursula Robb
Taka Shamoto
Clinton Stringer
Jakub Truszkowski
Fumiyo Ikeda
Marie Goudot
Kathleen Fisher
Sandy Willimas
Christine De Smedt
Charlotte Vandevyver

Photo: Anna Van Waeg

Generation 12:

Alban Ovanessian, FR
Aminata Diallo, FP
Audrey Mérilus, FR
Azusa Namba, JP
Calvin Carrier, UK/IT
Carolina Ferreira, PT
Cassandre Cantillon, BE
Cheyenne Illegems, BE
Cintia Sebők, HU
Eimi Leggett, JP/AU
Fouad Nafili, MA
Georges Labbat, FR
Gustavo Gláuber, BR
Hanako Hayakawa, JP
Huang Mei-Ning, TW
Ivan Lucadamo, ES
Jean-Baptiste Portier, FR
Jonas Gineika, LT
Jose Fernandez Ruiz, ES
Joshua Serafin, PH
Judith Van Oeckel, BE
Julia Rubies Subiros, ES
Keren Kraizer, IL
Lee Hyeon Seok, KR
Luis Miguel Ramirez Muñoz, CO
Lydia McGlinchey, AU
Mamadou Wague, FR
Margarida Marques Ramalhete, PT
Mariana Miranda, BR
Maureen Bator, FR
Mooni Van Tichel, BE
Myriam Alexandra Rosser Gomez, ES
Némo Flouret, FR
Papis Faye, SN
Rafael Galdino, BR
Rita Alves, PT
Robson Ledesma, BR
Stanley Ollivier, FR
Synne Elve Enoksen, NO
Tessa Hall, NZ
Thomas Higginson, UK
Timothy Nouzak, AT
Vasco Pedro Mirine, MZ
Wai Lok Chan, HK

Photo: Daniel Rolider