Summerschool 2022
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The program is open for all dancers from beginners to professionals who are minimum 16 years of age. We have the main 5-week schedule which includes 4 different programs, each one of them specifically constructed for the different levels of dancers, from beginners to advanced. Next to the main schedule we have added two advanced weekend intensives for professional dancers.

In collaboration with our partner organization Platform K, some classes and workshops will be open for people with (mental) disabilities and special needs, with individual accompaniment.

Furthermore we have added tailored project weeks, aiming at participants with specific backgrounds or happening in public space. These workshops are launched separately by open call. Some of them are especially adapted to people with a disability, in dialogue with Platform K. In this way we try to incorporate everyone in the joy of dancing.
More info about these special projects can be found on this website in SummerStudios 2022 !

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P.A.R.T.S. SummerSchool 2022 starts on Monday, July 18 and finishes on Friday, August 19.
In order to ensure the best possible experience for everybody, you can only participate if you can be present the whole week/weekend.
You can inscribe for up to five weeks within the same program.

Regular program:

Week 1: 18/07 – 22/07
Week 2: 25/07 – 29/07
Week 3: 01/08 – 05/08
Week 4: 08/08 – 12/08
Week 5: 15/08 – 19/08

Regular program:

Weekend Intensive 1: 06/08 - 07/08
Weekend Intensive 2: 13/08 - 14/08

Special program: tailored project weeks

More details can be found on our SummerStudios 2022 webpage.

Project week #1 (18/07 - 22/07):
Seppe Baeyens, intergenerational workshop in public space (location: PARTS & Place St.-Denis Forest)
Project week #2 (01/08 - 05/08):
Benjamin Vandewalle, workshop on inclusion with Platform K (location: PARTS).
Project week #3 (16/08 - 19/08):
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Corentin Hannon, Hand power, horse labour and dance workshop (location: De School van Gaasbeek & surroundings).

©Tine Declerck
©Tine Declerck

Please note that all classes will be given in English.

YOGA (1h) with Laia Puig Escandell (ES), Michael Helland (US) and Stéphane Bourhis (FR).
PILATES (1h) with Chloe Chignell (AU)
AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT (1h) with Benjamin Vandewalle (BE)
BALLET (1h30) with Douglas Becker (US), Libby Farr (US) and Roman Van Houtven (BE).
All classes will be accompanied by live music by Pieter Smout (BE) and Elizabeth Flynn (CA).
(1h30) with Alesandra Seutin (ZW/BE/UK), David Hernandez (US), Laura Aris Alvarez (ES), Rakesh Sukesh (IN), Youness Khoukhou (MA), Yuika Hashimoto (JP), Jos Baker (UK)
(2h45/3h15) of Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich (1982), Rosas Danst Rosas (1983), Drumming (1998), Rain (2001): Sue-Yeon Youn (KR), Tale Dolven (NO), Yuika Hashimoto (JP), Clinton Stringer (ZA).
(2h45/3h15) with Clinton Stringer (ZA), ​​David Hernandez (US), Emmi Väisänen (FI/BE), Femke Gyselinck (BE), Sue-Yeon Youn (KR), Vera Tussing (DE), Peter Savel (SK), Susanne Bentley (NZ/BE) and Steven Michel (FR).
(8h15) West Side Story with Clinton Stringer (ZA), Rosas composition Toolbox with Michael Pomero (FR) & Marie Goudot (FR)
PROJECT WEEKS (3h15) with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (BE), Corentin Hannon (BE), Seppe Baeyens (BE), Benjamin Vandewalle (BE) - see webpage SummerStudios 2022


The BEGINNERS PROGRAM (blue) is designed to give anyone who is interested, or who has never danced before, an introduction to contemporary dance. The participant will have a body studies class (yoga, pilates, authentic movement), a contemporary technique class and a project workshop.

The ELEMENTARY PROGRAM (orange) is for dance enthusiasts who have once in a while taken a dance class or workshop but do not do so on a regular basis. The program will give the participant time to encounter the basic requirements of contemporary dance. It includes a body studies class (yoga, pilates, authentic movement) contemporary technique class or ballet and Rosas repertoire or a project workshop.

The INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM (green) is designed for dancers who dance daily or more than 7 hours/week. The program includes body studies class (yoga, pilates, authentic movement), a contemporary technique class or ballet and Rosas repertoire or a project workshop

The ADVANCED PROGRAM (yellow) is for dancers who dance intensely more than 10 hours a week and have a solid technique base, as well as experience with (semi-)professional dance companies. The program includes a body studies class (yoga, pilates, authentic movement), a contemporary technique class and Rosas repertoire or a project workshop

The PROFESSIONAL WEEKEND PROGRAM (pink) is only open for professional dancers and dancers who have been in a full time program (BA/MA) of an international school/institution of higher dance education for a minimum of two years or have gathered similar experience throughout projects and courses in the professional field. We organize two intensive weekends in which we focus on Rosas composition tools and repertoire related to the musical West Side Story.