Winter workshops 2023
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is possible again from December 19th onwards.

Are you a young aspiring dancer/choreographer ?
P.A.R.T.S. organizes a number of activities to get familiar with the school and the program, as a first step in the preparation of the next round of auditions, which will take place in Winter/Spring 2025.

During the winter of 2023, you can actively take part in two workshops with a variety of classes: contemporary dance classes, composition, yoga, repertoire, theory etc.

For the WINTER WORKSHOPS you have to be minimum 16 and maximum 25 years old. There are no specific requirements for the type, volume and duration of previous dance training you have had, but the workshop is aimed at people who consider applying for a full-time professional dance and choreography training in 2025. If this is not your ambition, we would like to refer you to our SummerSchool, which includes dance classes and workshops for participants ranging from beginners to professionals.

The Winter Workshops also include an information session about PARTS and its programs.
Capacities are limited, so it is mandatory to register.

Wed-Fri January 4-6, 2023 - Fee €150 - Max. 25 participants
Sat-Sun February 25-26, 2023 - Fee €100 - Max. 50 participants

For the WINTER WORKSHOPS you have to be minimum 16 and maximum 25 years old.
You have to register through an online registration form.
We can only confirm your reservation after we have received the fee for the workshop. Cancellations can not be reimbursed.

For the Winter Workshop of Wed-Fri January 4-6, 2023:

The Winter Workshop of January 4-6 is complete.

For the Winter Workshop Sat-Sun February 25-26, 2023: REGISTER HERE >>

Participants bring their own lunch.
Questions: mail us at


'Passing through' by David Zambrano ©Tine Declerck
'Passing through' by David Zambrano ©Tine Declerck

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Winter Workshop of Wed-Fri January 4-6, 2023:

Contemporary with Rakesh Sukesh
Intact is a training method generated through years of research, observation and adaptation to our current times, while also based on intrinsic human characteristics: breath, movement, emotion, thought, intention, environment. Its main goal lies on enhancing humanness in its most raw and genuine form. This method creates a safe and honest place that embraces and acknowledges our inner world, both weaknesses and strengths, to learn how to use them through reflection and striving for further development. It is an interconnected training system that utilises movement as a base to create, confront and play within crisis. It provides the time[1]space to get to know one’s personal form and how to use the body to broaden the range of movement vocabulary. As an holistic form, it is inspired by tools from specific lineages, such as breath, meditation and the inner mechanics of yogi principles, while also utilising the movement and philosophies from kalari payatt. This interwoven structure combines and rearranges these tools and ideas in a proposal for a new approach. In these classes, one can expect a dedication to raising awareness to individuality and inner workings, an awakening of the senses that leads to an ability to control and manage external triggers. In other words, taking charge of one self.

Yoga with Stephane Bourhis
The teaching of Yoga following the BKS Iyengar methodology is based in depth practice of yoga postures and pranayama (art of breathing), with rigorously, intensity and precision of the body alignments.During the class we gradually explore the outer and the inner geometry of the body in different groups of postures and movements.

Repertoire 'Rosas Danst Rosas' with Sue Yeon Youn
The workshop of Rosas Danst Rosas will teach you the phrase material and the structure of 1st and 2nd movement where repetition plays the lead role. Dancing with four people in a complex structure and to be in perfect unison are the challenges. Learning how to listen and breath together and how to feel each others energy. The actual material lies in the heart of the movement work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Experience the contrast of rigid structure and full emotion that will give the intensity to the movements. How to let go and be in control at the same time.

Contemporary with Marie Goudot
Through improvisation and hand guidance, I will propose to start the day with a special attention on body weight in the floor and weight shift, as a guideline for the morning class, with indications to activate the movement in space to initiate a approach of movement organization which we will need to have in memory for the composition workshop in the afternoon.By opening the gaze and taking with the visual informations, playing with the inward informations and the outward informations, we will try to extend the limits of the off- balance and therefore challenge the habits of movement.

Music analysis with Mattijs Van Damme
During upcoming session, we aim to set up a deep listening practice and to trigger a profound feeling for graphic music notation which gains personal value and facilitates communication and understanding of diverse musical phenomena and experiences. We focus on works which nourish listeners and dancers, compositions which sharpen the ear and mind by such composers as Ph. de Vitry, J.S. Bach, Th. De Mey, A. Webern, G. Ligeti and others.

Composition with Marie Goudot
In the composition workshop we will investigate and try to compose relationships between performers, time and space.Following the principles of movement touched upon in the morning class, we will try to play with the dynamic of movement (timing), individual and/or collective tasks which would lead to a group composition in space.Depending on the amount of participants, we could one collective composition or several compositions.


1. Wed-Fri January 4-6, 2023 - Fee €150 - Max. 25 participants

Wednesday 4/01, from 9:45 until 17:00:

9:45-11:45 contemporary with Rakesh Sukesh
12:00 -13:00 yoga with Stephane Bourhis
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-17:00 repertoire 'Rosas Danst Rosas' with Sue Yeon Youn

Thursday 5/01, from 9:45 until 17:00:

9:45-11:45 contemporary with Rakesh Sukesh
12:00 -13:00 yoga with Stephane Bourhis
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-17:00 repertoire 'Rosas Danst Rosas' with Sue Yeon Youn
17:15-18:00 info session about PARTS with Steven De Belder, coordinator

Friday 6/01, from 9:30 until 17:15:
9:30-11:00 contemporary with Marie Goudot
11:15-13:15 music analysis with Mattijs Van Damme
13:15-14:15 lunch
14:15-17:15 composition with Marie Goudot

2. Sat-Sun February 25-26, 2023 - Fee €100 - Max. 50 participants

Saturday 25/02, from 9:45 until 17:00:

9:45-11:15: ballet with Libby Farr (group A) or contemporary with Youness Khoukhou (group B)
11:30 -13:00 contemporary with Youness Khoukhou (group A) or ballet with Libby Farr (group B)
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-17:00 theatre workshop with Kuno Bakker (group A) or creative practice workshop with Christine De Smedt (group B)

Sunday 26/02, from 9:45 until 17:00:
9:45-11:15: ballet with Libby Farr (group A) or contemporary with Laura Aris (group B)
11:30 -13:00 contemporary with Laura Aris (group A) or ballet with Libby Farr (group B)
14:00-17:00 creative practice workshop with Christine De Smedt (group A) or theatre workshop with Jolente De Keersmaeker

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: scroll down (under the pictures)

Repertoire 'Rosas Danst Rosas' ©Tine Declerck
Repertoire 'Rosas Danst Rosas' ©Tine Declerck

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Winter Workshop of Sat-Sun February 25-26, 2023:

Ballet for contemporary dancers with Libby Farr
The ballet class is set up for the dancer to observe and reevaluate their body in the classical
structure of a ballet class with the objective to focus on strengthening the dancers' awareness of their own natural alignment and experience.
The class is divided into two parts: the barre and the centre work.
Exercises at the barre emphasise isolating the joints to find where the movement begins and to wake up the dancer's awareness to find their own functional alignment and efficiency.
The second half of the class, conducted in the centre, continually challenges the dancer to use the new found experiences when shifting weight, finding flow in transition, momentum and dynamics when executing the ballet vocabulary with the goal to find more freedom and expression .

Contemporary with Youness Khoukhou
The Class is mix between technique and creativity
A body work preparation based on breathing exercises in relation to the anatomy structure of our bodies, that will lead us to sensitivity and listening and open our bodies and creating spaces for dialogues.
Physical investigation and study of different schemas and trajectory that we rely on to move in order to know and be conscious about what we have. Proposing different schema and Tools in movement that provide constant movement dialogue within the body and its surrounding, working with the notion of the instability and the momentum that will lead us in letting the body express immediate sensations via movement, and making the body available for endless possibilities.

Theatre with Kuno Bakker and Jolente De Keersmaeker
During the theater workshop we work with short pieces of text sent in advance and memorized.
Through various exercises we will work with the text. It is mainly about playing together, getting comfortable with playing with a text and discovering different ways of approaching the text. The emphasis will be on working as a group: how can you speak together, how can you tell a story together, how can you come to imagination together?

Creative practice workshop with Christine De Smedt
We will begin with a task for a short creation in duo, trio or group. In making and creating work together we are often challenged to make our ideas clear and communicate it with others. We will work with tools for listening and awareness in collaboration with other dancers and play with the different roles one can have during a creation.

Contemporary with Laura Aris
Play Full Body class
The class overviews some fundamental aspects of contemporary dance, such as weight transfer, use of space, breathing, speed, qualities and textures. Furthermore, we will look at the intentions behind the movement. Guided improvisations and specific technical exercises will be the work's starting point. Participants will play with their vocabulary within defined but changing contexts to experiment and observe specific bodily mechanisms and mental processes while dancing. Opening the doors of perception, we will search for those creative impulses that, once released, offer opportunities for new technical and performative achievements.