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Group Exhibition
On going | space: classroom 1
25.06 | 15.00-16.00 — opening

Photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, poems, games and installations arrive together in a cozy place, where we welcome you to slow down in order to wake up curiosity of the very small details.

Artists: Ariadna Navarrete Valverde, Antoine Dupuy, Laetitia Dupertuis, Ching-Shu Huang, Charlotte Cétaire, Elsa Tagawa, Jean Pierre Buré, Selby Jenkins, Birit Haarla

Co-Curated by: Birit Haarla and Ching Shu Huang

Language: English | Accessibility: entrance through stairs

on going | space: classroom 1

Red,acted is a collection of redacted poems, generated from the Complaints Procedure of PARTS. Redacted and curated by Selby Jenkins, this series aims to explore the institutionalization of sensorial complaints, particularly about harassment and violence, revealing hidden meanings in the (re)configurations of words that comprise a formalized system within an educational setting. What meanings can these poems elicit when serving as a reductive critique of the institutionalization of violence, within a specific experience of an institution?

Language: English. No translations available | Warnings: Mentions of sexual harassment, violence.

Generation XIII. XXXV Portraits
on going | space: classroom 1 & rosas 4

Generation XIII.XXXV Portraits is a photographic project composed by 35 portraits of the people composing the Generation 13 of P.A.R.T.S. from 2019 till 2022.

The heart of GXIII.XXXV is composed by their faces, their eyes, and their expressions, which do not need words to converse with us.

It is a creation of a souvenir and an open door towards what those portraits suggest to us about the past, the present and the future of those young humans.

Concept: Charlotte Cétaire | The 35 students composing GXIII of P.A.R.T.S.: Abigail Aleksander, Adem Ouhaibia, Amine Mazhoud, Antoine Dupuy, Ariadna Navarrete Valverde, Birit Haarla, Cecily Lewelling, Charlotte Cétaire, Ching-Shu Huang, Daniel Cantero, Eleni Roberts, Elsa Tagawa, Helen D'Haenens, Jair Jetzehu Montes Rangel, Jean Pierre Buré, Katja Haarla, Laetitia Dupertuis, Lobke Leemans, Luyd De Souza Carvalho, Macarena Bielski López, Magdelaine Hodebourg, Marita Sinikka Schwanke, Marlla Araújo, Mate Jonjić, Niklas Capel, Nina Godderis, Per Anders Solli, Philomene Jander, Rania Barhoumi, Renátó Miskolczi, Selby Jenkins, Solal Mariotte, Urtė Groblytė, Vladimir Babinchuk Outerelo, Zoé Lakhnati.