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Week 1 in pictures!

From January 2nd until February 6th, 14 students from the STUDIOS program at P.A.R.T.S. and 10 young choreographers and dancers from the African continent meet and exchange at Ecole des Sables, the school initiated by Germaine Acogny in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal.
This is the third exchange program and the collaboration between P.A.R.T.S and Ecole des Sables goes back until 2013.

The program consists of African dance technique classes: Sabar by Mamadou Baldé, Acogny technique by Ise Verstegen, urban dances from the Ivory Coast by Betrand Saky and contemporary African technique by Patrick Acogny.
Masterclasses in which choreographers Panaibra Canda (Mozambique), Faustin Linyekula (Congo), Qudus Onikeku (Nigeria)and Nadia Beugre (Ivory Coast) will share their artistic practice.
A seminar/lab "The Call to Unestablish" with readings, games and discussions by theatre maker, writer and storyteller Ogutu Muraya (Kenya) and a seminar with writer, journalist, DJ and founding editor of Chimurenga magazine Ntone Edjabe (Cameroun)

Participating dancers & choreographers:
Lily Brieu (France) Bruna Ava Bihina (Cameroun)
Olukitibi Bukunmi (Nigeria) Calvin Carrier (UK)
Tessa Hall (New Zealand) Samwel Japhet (Tanzania)
Keren Kraizer (Israel) Eimi Leggett (Japan/Australia)
Hapines Majige (Tanzania) Lydia Mcglinchey (Australia) • Abdoul Mujyambere ArTs (Rwanda)
Fouad Nafili (Morocco) Joyce Nakiwala (Uganda)
Timothy Nouzak (Austria) Adila Omotosho (Nigeria)
Stanley Ollivier (France) Jared Onyango (Kenya)
Nathan Ooms (Belgium) Yemi Osokaya (Nigeria)
Tegan Peacock (South Africa) Estefanía Álvarez (Colombia) • Luis Ramirez Muñoz (Colombia) Mary Szydlowska (Poland) Mooni Van Tichel (Belgium)