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Charlotte Vanden Eynde BE

Charlotte Vanden Eynde (°1975, Belgium) is a dancer and choreographer, based in Ghent. In 1999, she graduated from P.A.R.T.S. Since 1997 she has been creating highly personal choreographies and performances, focusing on the body with a strong sculptural and imaginative sensibility. Her early works Benenbreken, Zij Ogen and Vrouwenvouwen revolved around vulnerability, intimacy and femininity. In Lijfstof (2000) she explored the body as object/matter and in MAP ME (2003) video images were projected on the body as on a canvas. She pursued her movement research in the group piece Beginnings/Endings (2005), the solo’s I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story (2009) and Shapeless (2011), and in various dance improvisations on location. Her last work Deceptive Bodies (2014) explores the iconography of the theatrical body and is also shown in exhibition spaces. She has collaborated with musicians (Christian Mendoza, Nicolas Rombouts) and theatre makers (Jan Decorte, De Roovers, Dolores Bouckaert) and danced in pieces by Marc Vanrunxt and Ugo Dehaes. As a movement coach she gives advice to other artists and conducts workshops based on her own artistic practice.