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Ise An Verstegen NL

Ise An Verstegen is a dancer and maker and works with her Dutch roots in several worlds. Her work is rooted in West Africa and in the Occident, starting from technique Germaine Acogny. In her work as a dance artist she interweaves worlds with an inclusive, transcultural vision and body language. Ise chose Acogny and Acogny chose her. Since 2008 Verstegen has been working closely with Germaine Acogny, the mother of modern African dance. Verstegen is one of the few dance artists in the world who are specialised in and qualified to work with this technique - a dance technique and philosophy based on West African and Western dances. Ise's work and transmission start from embodiment, connection, collectivity and the respect, possibilities and natural strength of each body through rhythm and movement. From here she addresses social issues.

Since 2011 Ise has been working as a dancer and teacher of technique Germaine Acogny at l'Ecole des Sables and the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance / AHK, and she works internationally and nationally as an 'Acogny dance-practitioner'. She organizes international workshops for professional dancers and creates performances, including Secret (2012), Moy Lo Lou (2013), Nuy Demm (2014), Dadje Ci Kumpa (2015), I Damn (2017), THE GAZE (2018), 3Feet (2019-running), Techno Body Fusion (2019-running). She works with, among others, Germaine Acogny (Jant-Bi), Patrick Acogny (Jant-Bi), Nita Liem (Don't Hit Mama), Samantha Speis (Urban Bush Women), James Carlès (Cie James Carlès) and Serge Arthur Dodo (King'Art). For the 2018-2019 season, Verstegen received the 3Package Deal from the AFK, intended to stimulate talented young makers in Amsterdam.