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Lucy Grauman CH

Lucy Grauman trained as a classical singer after having had some experience in theater and singing jazz. Her eclectic career has mainly focused on contemporary music, as a soloist and in ensembles. She has practiced free improvisation with electronics as well as singing classical recitals. In the past ten years she has developed as a choir conductor. Se presently leads a children’s choir ‘Shanti! Shanti!’ and conducts and composes for a women’s ensemble ‘Ik zeg adieu’ (Music-Theater creation in 2016 with director Marijs Boulogne). Since 2009 she has been gathering songs, taught to her by people from all over, and particularly from asylum seekers. She has been arranging these songs for amateur groups that perform regularly (Voix de Voyageurs, Stemagnifique). As a teacher she has been coaching actors and dancers for many years and has been teaching at P.A.R.T.S. since the beginning.