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Mark Lorimer UK

Since graduating from the London School of Contemporary Dance in 1991, Mark Lorimer has worked as dancer, choreographer, teacher and rehearsal director.His main collaborations as a dancer have been with Rosas/Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker (1994 - present) and with ZOO/Thomas Hauert (1997- 2005). Alongside these he has worked on many projects with (among others) The Featherstonehaughs/Lea Anderson, Bock & Vincenzi, Mia Lawrence, Jonathan Burrows, Deborah Hay, Alix Eynaudi and Boris Charmatz. As a choreographer he has made two full-length evening works "To Intimate" with cellist Thomas Luks and fellow Rosas mainstay Cynthia Loemij, and "Dancesmith - Camel, Weasel, Whale" again with Cynthia plus graphic artist and dancer Clinton Stringer. In March of 2016 he made a piece for Bodhi Project SEAD, Salzburg - “Darwin’s Gypsy Dance” that is currently touring. He has also made works with students of the Laban Centre, London, and a duet with Chrysa Parkinson - "Nylon Solution". As a rehearsal director he has worked on several creations with Rosas and continues to tour with "Vortex Temporum" while dancing in Boris Charmatz's "Manger" and the second collaboration with Alix Eynaudi - “Edelweiss”. Future projects include assisting and performing for new work with Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas, a solo with musician George Van Dam and video artist Manon De Boer, a new work of Alix Eynaudi “Chesterfield”, a short project with theatre-makers Marlene Saldana & Jonathan Drillet “The Rite of Arab Spring”, a collaboration with artist Juergen Staack for a gallery piece in Toulouse, and a reprise of Alain Buffard’s “Les Inconsolés”. Last summer 2015 Mark was a member of the collective DanceWeb leadership at Impulstanz in Vienna alongside teaching and performing in the festival. He teaches regularly at P.A.R.T.S., Manufacture, Lausanne (generating personal material and musical choreographic writing), CDC - Toulouse, and for other institutions and independent dance organisations.