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Palle Dyrvall SE

Qualified shiatsu practitioner and certified teacher of the European Iokaï Shiatsu Association, Palle Dyrvall teaches Iokaï shiatsu in Brussels and assists Thierry Camagie, vice-president of EISA, for level 2 et 3 en Belgium. Before dedicating himself to shiatsu Palle managed a career as a dancer, during which he practiced several somatic techniques such as Release Technique, Alexander Technique and Body Mind Centering, which allowed him to develop a deep knowledge of the human body and its energetic system, and to acquire empirical as well as intuitive knowledge. In parallel, he is practicing since twenty years oriental arts of health like Do-In, Qi Gong and Yoga. He is also a graduate of the Yoseido Shiatsu Academy (Master Yuichi Kawada).