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Stefan Prins BE

After graduating as an engineer, Stefan Prins started to study fulltime piano and composition at the Royal Flemish Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium. Concurrently, he studied "Technology in Music" at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, "Sonology" at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, “Philosophy of Culture” and “Philosophy of Technology” at the University of Antwerp. In May 2017 Stefan obtained a PhD in composition at Harvard University. As a composer he received several important awards in Belgium and abroad. His compositions have been played worldwide by a.o. Klangforum Wien, Nadar Ensemble, Champ d’Action, Ictus Ensemble and many others. Together with Pieter Matthynssens, Stefan Prins is artistic director of the Belgian ensemble for contemporary music, Nadar Ensemble. Performing improvised music is an important part of Prins's musical activities. Together with Thomas Olbrechts & Joachim Devillé he was one of the founders of the long-standing collectief reFLEXible‚ an ensemble that focuses exclusively on free improvised or instant composed music, often including dance, performance, video, film, installation. Since 2011, he plays laptop in the band Ministry of Bad Decisions, together with Yaron Deutsch (e-guitar) and Brian Archinal (drums).