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A radio! Panik


After each performance, also look for the Golden Mic left at disposal for you to share some thoughts, any funny or delighted or surprised impressions, or simply: your experience of the festival! If you can’t find it or have any questions, come ask us.

No technical knowledge is required: you just need to push the button and speak!

During the whole festival, a radio table is installed under the tent in the garden by the bar. There, we will be hosting shows, discussions, concerts, after-talks, open mics, interviews and many more things! Each evening, before the performances start or during a break, the radio takes over and prolongs your experience of the festival throughout the day and the night. Grab yourself a drink at the bar and come join us at all times!

The full programme, day by day, available on

This is made possible thanks to the partnership with Radio Panik, who is invited for the second time in the P.A.R.T.S. garden.

Ongoing / Central Garden

Radio panik