To dance for the sake of dancing.
Exploring variety of movements in set and improvised shapes on the music of the minimalist composer Tom Johnson, no connection to any political or conceptual background, a direct relationship with the resonance of the piano, an attempt to follow the dramaturgy of the music piece “An Hour For Piano” and to put emphasis on the organised but yet chaotic nature of it. Challenging the bodies that will be executing this composition and discovering how far they can go. Finding ways to adapt to the limitations that each body will be providing along the process.

Credits :
Choreography :
Amine Mazhoud.
Performers :
Eleni Roberts, Daniel Cantero, Amine Mazhoud.
Music :
An Hour For Piano - Tom Johnson
Accessibility :
The audience should be gathered around the performance, the piece has no front.

“An hour for Piano” is part of Saturday 9th July Program A

Saturday 9th July / Program A / 16:00 / ⧖ 2h and 15 minutes (including one interval)
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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