ELEMENTARY PROGRAM - WEEK 2 (17–21/07/2023)

Yoga class with Stéphane Bourhis
The teaching of Yoga following the BKS Iyengar methodology is based in depth practice of yoga postures and pranayama (art of breathing), with rigorously, intensity and precision of the body alignments. During the class we gradually explore the outer and the inner geometry of the body in different groups of postures and movements.

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Classical technique class with Douglas Becker

Dance as a central activation of possibility
I propose ballet class as a collaborative setting where new information and knowledge about the moving body, in relationship to form and history, happen in the moment. Barre and center combinations are constructed to rigorously support the study of technique as studio practice, accentuating somatic awareness and attention to the multiple perspectives of dynamics alongside varied spatial concerns.
We will work on developing an agile relationship between the head, shoulders, arms and legs; considering ballet as art, as a system, and as "changeable architecture". Attention is given to interior mechanics driven by counterpoint. Throughout the class, extensive attentiveness to the musicality of the form gives insight into the various understandings of tempi and interacting rhythms. Combinations and phrase work change depending on both age and desire within the group.

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Workshop Pubic Space with Seppe Baeyens

Breaking existing role patterns or expectations, choreographer Seppe Baeyens challenges you to show yourself through dance and movement making in public space. Slowly but surely, new relationships and dynamics will emerge. Seppe Baeyens has always seen intergenerational work as being essential to showing the most human and vulnerable form of dance. The imperfection of dance and the way different generations relate to it are inseparably linked to his artistic practice. During a week he will share his expertise. We put this into practice with Place Sint-Denis in Forest as our base.

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