False Start / New Beginning

Construct, deconstruct, reconstruct.
Take apart and go again. Again.

Showing two sides of a wall.
visibility / invisibility

Being propelled by dreams and aspirations. Imaginations.

Metal against wood. Wood brushing skin.
Listening to parts. Playing parts.
Pressing of keys. Mislaid.

Growing in space, with space, with each other.
Carrying fragments with you. Placing questions near them. Light baggage.

Sharing an unfinished journey. A place for imaginary conclusions.

What sound does a home make?
How do we build the memorable?

False Start / New Beginning is a research on what it means to build and share space. This was the foundation of our collaboration, a foundation that we then built upon. As we construct, reconstruct, and deconstruct the space, we question what it is that we are trying to contain. What it is that we are trying to hold onto, hold up, make a memory of. From public parks to private homes, spaces are conceived to shape different flows of people sharing. The ways these flows are organised not only impact our physical movements but also our interactions with each other. Different stories that share space have the potential to share the same narrative. For a time.

50 minutes

Concept and performance:
Abigail Aleksander and Sylvain Monchocé
Electronic Music:
Figueroa Terrace and Brent Mini by Thomas Ankersmit
Vera Tussing
Theatrical Advice:
Kuno Bakker

Special thanks to Charlotte Cétaire and Diane Madden

“False Start / New Beginning” is presented in the Thursday 30th June program

Thursday 30th June / 19:00 / ⧖3h and ten minutes (including two 20 minute intervals)
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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