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Research Studios final works: 3 days - 5 programmes - 12 creations 28-30/9

In 2017-18, 12 young choreographers and makers participated in the one-year Research Studios programme in PARTS, constructed around the theme ‘movement x sound x word’. Next to workshops and seminars on new connections between choreography, poetry, sound and music, the participants set up their own research projects, alone or in collaboration with each other or external dancers and musicians.

From September 28 to 30, the participants present the works they have developed in the course of this year. A mini-festival with performance, a video-installation and an exhibition – 12 young artists with as many different perspectives and ideas.

Friday 28/9 20h: programme 1
POEM… as if leaking - solo by Chloé Chignell (AU)
No.oN – trio by Claire Huber (FR)

Saturday 29/9 15h, programme 2
– trio by Anna Gaïotti (FR)
The King’s laundry house
– quintet by Jan Rohwedder (DE)

Saturday 29/9 20h, programme 3
– solo by Mario Barrantes Espinoza (CR/NI)
Structure of a Feeling
– trio by Lili Rampre (SI)

Sunday 30/9 15h, programme 4
And there is a chair
– solo by Mirte Bogaert (BE)
- duet by Mario Barrantes Espinoza (CR/NI) and Thomas Bîrzan (FR)
Reverse Dragon Test
– solo by Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld (AR/ES)

Sunday 30 september 20h, programme 5
Heavy mentals
– solo by Karl Lydahl (SE)
(Self contained)
– duet by Eeva Juutinen (FI)
In other words
– quartet by Ingrid Berger Myhre (NO)

Dragon, Rest you head on the seabed -
video by Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld
Border-lines: investigating marginalias and paratextuality
- exhibition by Thomas Bîrzan

Location: Rosas Performance Space, Van Volxemlaan 164 1190 Brussels
Tickets: 5€ per programme. To book your place, email to

Dsf1246 Pablo Esbert Diego Franssens
Dsf1341 Mario Thomas Diego Franssens
Mirte 2 Diego Franssens
2018 09 26 Parts Research 1 Lili Rampre Tine Declerck