Exploring the space between installation and performance, FLIES is an in situ piece that ‘activates’ the vertical plane. Four performers suspended by rope move through evolving cycles of jumping, falling, and running, highlighting the inter-relationship between space and movement. By inhabiting (traditionally regarded) uninhabitable space, FLIES invites the audience to look at the world from a new perspective. A moment to notice, and give time to, the familiar surfaces that normally go unnoticed in our day to day activities.



Choreography: Renato Miskolczi
General manager and coordinator:
Abigail Aleksander
In collaboration with and performed by:
Charlotte Cétaire, Eleni Roberts, Jean Pierre Bure, Urte Groblyte
Christine De Smedt
Technical advice and climbing mentor:
Esteban Vin and Mami Kitagawa
Esteban Vin

FLIES was created as a personal work project during GXIII training cycle at P.A.R.T.S. in collaboration with WIELS.

This performance is a co-presentation of PARTS, WIELS and Park Poétik

Length: 50 minutes

Photo: Tine Declerck Credit:

Renato Miskolczi (1999) is a choreographer, advisor, and performer based in Brussels and Budapest.
His artistic practice is centred around the expanded field of the Arts through which Miskolczi explores the capacity of choreography to organise different processes. He integrates architecture, sculpture, mathematics, and programming to generate movement material. His work embraces neuroatypicality and advocates for collaboration between different kinds of minds.
In 2021 he choreographed FLIES for the facade of WIELS, exploring the possibility to extend our habitation onto unusable spaces. Later that year, he was an intern at Museum Dhondt and Dhaenens (BE), taking part in the organisation of the solo exhibition of Luca Frei. In 2018, together with Márton Birta, he founded the company CoA (Collectives of Arts), today known as MOOK, where Miskolczi takes part in the life of the company as an associate director. Between 2017-2019 he worked with Csaba Horváth, Pál Frenák, Rita Góbi, Éva Duda, Péter Bergendy, and the oscar winning László Nemes.

Monday 4th July @WIELS / 19:45 / ⧖ 50 minutes
Venue: WIELS - Av. Van Volxem 354, 1190 Forest
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