Happily Ever After

Once upon a time Birit and Nina fall...
Then escaping, running, hiding, penguin…
Then they fall asleep, fall in love, fall on the ground…
Fall asleep, deep, sleep, sheep, shit, cheap, sleep…

Concept and performance:
Godderis Nina and Haarla Birit
Goudot Marie
Cétaire Charlotte
Set design:
Martinez Adela
« Snow white » (Disney) sound track, « Rock’N’Roll Fantasy » The Pink Mountaintops

Nina Godderis is a dancer, performer and choreographer coming from Mouscron, Belgium, and she is currently studying her final year in P.A.R.T.S. She grew up in the south of France studying at the Conservatoire and then at the CNDC in Angers. She has worked with several companies in France for projects in black boxes but also with organizations such as Labolobo which brings dance in the form of workshops closer to isolated populations. She is interested in improvisation and physical theatre: to start from physical sensations to create an imaginary world around it.

Birit Haarla
is a dancer, performer and choreographer coming from Dalvadas, Ohcejohka, the Finnish side of Sápmi. Together with Katja Haarla she has collaborated with visual artist Marja Helander on an award winning short film Eatnanvuloš Lottit, Sundance Film Festival 2018. Now she works with theater director Pauliina Feodoroff on a collective performance Matriarchy, presented in The Sámi Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia 2022. She is interested to work on how caring for one’s body intertwines with the relation to the environment and how to use playfulness in performativity in order to stand for the rights of the Sámi area as a whole.

“Happily Ever After” is part of Sunday 26th of June Program A

Sunday 26th June / Program A / 18:00 / ⧖1h and 35 minutes (including one interval)

Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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