INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM 2 - WEEK 4 (31/07–04/08/2023)

Classical technique class with Libby Farr
This class is for dancers that are interested in revisiting basic information . The class will begin on the floor with exercises to help find one’s own skeletal alignment into standing. We will then explore this new awareness found on the floor in a Ballet Barre to observe and use the ballet vocabulary as an approach to view and use our body . Thereafter we will explore the 7 basic movements that create the vocabulary of Ballet.

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PIlates with Gilles Pollet
The class focuses on gaining greater articulation of the body through building specificity and clarity. We will build strength and find release as we work through particular muscle groups and joints with targeted exercises. We will work towards increasing our range of movement by physically understanding the shape of our joints. We focus on the initiation of movement through deeper muscle engagement. The class seeks to give participants a better understanding of their own biomechanics through physical sensation.
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Workshop 'Play Full Body' with Laura Aris Alvarez
The workshop is designed to be a playful physical journey but focused on mental challenges and the explicit goals of artistic expression and creativity. We will change the prism by searching for different ways of looking at movement and its qualities.
An invitation to explore a space that is neither too new nor too familiar, but something in between, like walking with a compass, but without a map.

Guided improvisations and specific technical exercises will be the work's starting point, mainly in pairs and groups. During the workshop, we will often switch roles from the performer (creator) to the observer (audience) so that different questions and insights may arise. Participants will play with their own vocabulary within defined but changing contexts to experiment and observe specific bodily mechanisms and mental processes while dancing. Opening the doors of perception, we will search for those creative impulses that, once released, offer opportunities for new technical and performative achievements.

«As a teacher and an artist, I am committed to sharing thoughts, questions, tips, and accumulated experiences that inspire and encourage others - hopefully enhancing an artistic collective intellectual curiosity. Through my years of teaching, I have learned to seek a balance between goals relating to technical mastery and the individual’s abilities to make their own choices, reflect deeply, discover anew, develop personae, and encounter imaginary universes. Teaching requires a dynamic interaction between what happens inside the teacher's mind and what happens with the group in the room. The act of teaching and my professional artistic practice have long been interconnected: they are in constant relationship and evolve together.»
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