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Lily Brieu-Nguyen / Vibzz Vibzz

©Noemi Laeneman
©Noemi Leneman

How to start

Vibzz Vibzz is conceived as an exchange project. It wishes to be a tool allowing artists from different disciplines to meet in a space and challenge their collaborative working methods. The goal is to practice ethics in an interdisciplinary project format. How to embrace each other's needs in a process when artists often have different relationships with production and use their specific languages? By finding a form of togetherness that is not production driven, Vibzz Vibzz wishes to experiment with different modes of communication and listening to address subjects such as cultural appropriation, hierarchies of the arts, tastes, il-legitimacy and inclusiveness.

How to start is the presentation of the first edition. Federico Ordonez, Noemi Laeneman, Thibault Rousselet and Lily Brieu-Nguyen worked together for 5 weeks.

Concept of the exchange: Lily Brieu-Nguyen
Collaborators, makers and performers of How to Start: Federico Ordonez, Noemi Leneman, Thibault Rousselet, Lily Brieu-Nguyen
Mentors: Louis Nam Le Van Ho and Manon Santkin
Residency support: Peeping Tom
Special thanks to: Didier Serciat and Deborah Salmirs

Lily Brieu-Nguyen’s choreographic work focuses on multidisciplinary and collaborative forms, integrating questions on cultural appropriation, hierarchies of art, and more recently decolonization. Her movement research as a dancer is intimately linked to the relationship with sound and music.
Lily graduated from the CNSMD of Lyon in contemporary dance in 2018. Within that context she developed her own choreographic research on the sound-movement-image relationship through multiple collaborations with the electroacoustic music department where she co-created the trio Entrevue, and the music-dance performance Volt. In 2017, she co-created the Compagnie iel, a collective of young artists investing a reflection on gender through multidisciplinary performances.
In 2019, she joined the Post-graduate Research and Artistic Creation (RCA): a collaboration between the CNSMD in Lyon with the Fine Art School, (ENSBAL) and the theater school (ENSATT) where she presented two pieces: Planula and Trio3. She also worked as a performer for the creation Excelsior (2018) by Salvo Lombardo (Chiasma company). She joined the STUDIOS program in 2019.

Saturday June 12, 2021 / 20h / ⧖ 2h incl. break
Sunday June 13, 2021 / 20h / ⧖ 2h incl. break

Vibzz Vibzz is part of a double bill, you always buy a ticket for 2 performances
Location: Rosas Performance Space - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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