MA STUDIOS SHARINGS - PROGRAM TUESDAY JUNE 27/06 - 19h (⧖2,5 hrs incl. 30' break)

PROGRAM TUESDAY JUNE 27/06 - 19h (⧖2,5 hrs incl. 30' break)
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'HATS & LADDERS' / Marikki Nyfors
Tuesday June 27.06 / ⧖1h / Venue: RPS

Think snakes & ladders but make it hats.

A hat is a head covering which can be worn for many different reasons and purposes. Hats carry and contain stories and memories of people, as well as about them. Here I am sharing some of mine. I question: what actually is the meaning of a hat?

HATS & LADDERS is a work-in-progress exercise on layering, sharing and remembering. It is about telling stories, making maps of them, bringing human connections into focus and caring for each other. The stage becomes an interactive playground - for the performer and the audience alike.

The performance is in English.

Concept and performance: Marikki Nyfors
Process: Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Jair Jetzehu Montes, Mashiro Tamura, Venla Niitemaa, the STUDIOS group
+ Technical staff
+ Anita, Anni, Anniina, Aymeric, Bjartey, Dad, Gabriel, Iris, Judith, Kalle, Lauri, Linde, Loren, Louis, Maciej, Maddie, Magdalena, Marta, Matthias, Mum, Niina, Petteri, Patrick, Richard, Rune, Shannon, Simon, Sister, Sonja, Suvi, Tiferet, Urte, Vilma, Xandi
Mentor: Inga Hakonardottir

Break (30')

'First, welcome to the gummy garden (work in progress)' / Ching Shu Huang
Tuesday June 27.06 /⧖50' / Venue: RPS

We attempt,
to imagine a land with thousands layers,
where our edges spiral in and fold out,
with our steps.
Squeez of memories lost on the way.
Squeeze of love,
Squeez of pain.
First, welcome to the gummy garden!
Here we gather for a ceremony for lost memories. Follow us with your imagination, peeling those ~ stay floated, and dive into the poetry of world traveling, fictional lands.
Trigger warning: image of violence, image of vomiting

Choreography/ performer:
Ching Shu Huang in collaboration with Géraldine Haas, Im Kanokporn Vorapharuek, Judith Dhondt, Osamu Shikichi, Urtė Groblytė
Scenography/Installation: India de Vere, Vladimir Babinchuck Outerelo, Ching Shu & co
Co-research: India de Vere, Vladimir Babinchunk Outerelo
mentor: Inga Hákonardóttir

'HATS & LADDERS' / Marikki Nyfors - Picture Olympe Tits
'First, welcome to the gummy garden (work in progress)' / Ching Shu Huang - Picture Olympe Tits