Offering for a monster


Not even the best organized and civilized life can avoid its aberrations, its spills, its overflows, its outbursts.
It opens the body until nothing else is possible, shits and vomits everything, turns around, shows the meat, gets hungry again and devours everything and everyone.
So the monster, mighty, fractal, superimposed
love him, enjoy him, embrace him and suffer his affection.

The monster bleeds green
blueberry and cheese
He's spitting and spilling and falling everywhere and rolling and slipping and falling
Are there many little boys who think they are a monster?
But in my case I am right, said Geryon to the dog.
Geryon was a monster, everything about him was green.
Monster: He wanted to be an author.
The dogma of the twenty-second degree is a trap

He purges bile and plasma, crying tears of vomit and morphs hums into orgasms and cumshots.
The monster that explodes
Lying in the backyard
Callen todos


Performed by and created with:
Adem Ouhaibia, Birit Haarla, Ching-Shu Huang, Eleni Roberts, Elsa Tagawa, Jean Pierre Buré, Marita Sinikka Schwanke, Marlla Araújo, Mate Jonjić, Per Anders Solli, Philomene Jander, Rania Barhoumi, Selby Jenkins, Vladimir Babinchuk Outerelo
Tamara Cubas
Light Design & Technical coordination:
Steven Brys

Saturday 9th July / Program C / 21:20

“Offering for a monster” is part of program C
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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