PARTS@WORK#5 Program Trios & duets with live music on Sunday May 21, 2023

Performed by the 1st year BA Training students
In collaboration with Manama students of Kask and Master students of the Brussels Conservatory
Music coordination: Tom Pauwels
Music coaching: Mattijs Van Damme

PROGRAM 1 / 15h / ⧖ 1h10
1. “IMG_7592” (duet) / Mashiro Tamura & Adèle Chaput / 20’
2. ‘DECOMPOSING’ (trio) / Alba Díaz Muñoz, Momiji Kuromaru, Elena Maria Olías García / 20’
(trio) /Jacob Bousset, Beau De Lathouwer , Beatrice Zaveckaite / 13’


PROGRAM 2 / 16h30 / ⧖ 1h20
(trio) / Anna Fedoronchuk, Letícia Oliveira Ferreira , Salim Mabrouk / 15’
(duet) / Elsa Goldstein, Kim Ramiandrisoa / 20’
/ Alice Bröker, Silke Hamers, Ekaterina Varfolomeeva / 15’
(trio) / Solène Ezin, Kiu Yan Cheng, Hugo Bragg / 20’

1. “IMG_7592” (duet) / ⧖20’

It is here
It has been there
It has been here
It is there
It was here


Created & performed by Mashiro Tamura, Adèle Chaput
Musician: Carlo Sampaolesi
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, French suite n°3 (arr. accordion)
Coach: Diane Madden

2. ‘DECOMPOSING’ (trio) / ⧖20’

Possibilities in anatomical function. Encounters between the decomposition of bodies. Automaticity of movement and play in the decomposition of the structure. Decomposition and reconstruction of the music. Variation in the scene between the automatic and the organic. Interaction of bodies decomposing.


Created & performed by Alba Díaz Muñoz, Momiji Kuromaru, Elena Maria Olías García
Musicians: Trio Echafaudages: Rob Swennen, Robin Couderd, Christophe Trausch
Music: improvisation Trio Echafaudages (drums, bass, guitar)
Coach: Marie Goudot

3. ‘ANTHÈMES’ (trio) / ⧖13’’

The title of Boulez’s concert piece for solo violin is a play on words, combining French “thèmes” (themes) with English “anthem”, that refers to the composer’s childhood memories of religious anthems and his return to thematic composition. Navigating the sharp musical contrasts, we search to embody various physical qualities that correspond to the 6 “verses” of the music, each played in a different harmonic tone. Every one of those parts suggested a distinct image, a scene, a situation, that together build an indirect, sometimes surprising sense of continuity. Like flipping through pages of a personal photo album, where the series of images - each of them a world in itself - create a unique story.


Created & performed by Jacob Bousset, Beau De Lathouwer , Beatrice Zaveckaite
Musician: Salomé Saurel
Music: Pierre Boulez, Anthèmes 1 (violin)
Coach: Manon Santkin


1. ‘POLYMEROUS‘ (trio) / 15’
Airless. Despite their individuality, they are encompassed as if they are one with six. In this uncomfortable reality of transparent cocoon something is still being kept out of view.

Created & performed by Anna Fedoronchuk, Letícia Oliveira Ferreira , Salim Mabrouk
Musicians Filippo Gilone, Maris Paiuste
Music: Barbara Strozzi, 'Che si puo fare' (voice, guitar)
Coach: Femke Gyselinck

2. ‘ATTEMPT UN’ (duet) / ⧖20’
« Ce n’est qu’un exercice expérimental après tout, ce qui ne veut donc dire que les choses ne sont pas obligées d’être bien faites. »
What should be the title?
What should we write? Wear? Say?
Shall we wear shoes?
Shall we let ourselves be influenced?
Do we want to check ourselves in the mirror or in the mirrored eyes of the audience?
Do we write it or make it happen?
Can we let it happen?
Do we want to create difference between performer and spectator?
How can we be together in a shifted existence?
What happens when we make a mistake?
What is a mistake?
What is being? What is performing?
How can we let spaces affect us?
What does it mean to work with music?
What does it mean to work together?
What does it mean to work?
What does it mean ?
What does it?
« Comment tu fais toi? » How are you doing this?
I like better how you do it.
Do we want to be perfect together?
Why are we doing this?
Do we need to explain ourselves?


Created & performed by Elsa Goldstein, Kim Ramiandrisoa
Musicians: Anita Capucinelli, Lucas Messier
Music: Steve Reich, 'Marimba phase' (marimba)
Coach: Youness Khoukhou

3. ‘I TELL YOU ABOUT MY INJURY?‘ (trio) / ⧖15’
How from rational principles can emerge images, memories, confessions?
How to predict expectations?
How do structure and playfulness co-exist?
How can a score become a map?
How do foreigners look so alike?
How do you do?
But anyway, did I tell you about my injury?


Created & performed by Alice Bröker, Silke Hamers, Ekaterina Varfolomeeva
Musicians Alejandro Fenolosso, Leonardo Melchionda, Denise Tamburi, Philippo Gillo, Francisco Rojas
Music: Tom Johnson, 'Rational melodies' (arr. sax, percussion, guitar, flute)
Coach: Thomas Vantuycom

4. ‘RANGEORANGEO’ (trio) / ⧖20’
fore a family dinner be
inner before a family d
ily dinner before a fam
amily dinner before a f


Created & performed by Solène Ezin, Kiu Yan Cheng, Hugo Bragg Musician: Carlo Sampaolesi
Music: Alvin Lucier, 'Music for accordion with slow sweep pure wave oscillators' (accordion, live electronics)
Coach: Youness Khoukhou