Here’s to the teens who got their hearts broken early and went through that mess of falling apart on their bedroom floors to the sound of their favorite sad songs.

Here’s to kids who were bullied to the point of near breaking and wishing beyond imagine that for once someone would just stop to say something nice.

Here’s to the people who’ve argued with who they are and have tried to be someone else because they are scared to be themselves.

Here’s to the parents who have had to stand outside their kids’ bedroom doors listening to them sob and not knowing quite what to say.

Here is to the people who tried to drink and to smoke away memories of people who never cared enough.

Here is to the people who always smile even when they want to cry and say they are fine when they are not even close.

Here is to the people who never felt right in their bodies and were relieved when they realized they could do something about it.

Here is to people who have looked in the mirror and hated what they’ve seen.

Here is to people who have lost someone who made their world go round and had to sit through the funeral when they really just felt like screaming.

Here is to people who were brave enough to ask for help but didn’t receive it.

Here is to the people who can no longer deal with the pressure that society has oppressed us with.

Here is to you, my friend, my brother, who didn’t have to say much because your whole being was a party to have around. You, who wished the best for everyone and will live forever in the memory of the love we have shared. To you, who will be loved forever, missed forever. You’ll never walk alone.

Dedicated to/in memorial of my special friend, Martial Opdecam 19.06.1995 - 18.03.2022


Lobke Leemans

Written text:
Lobke Leemans

- ‘you are the one’ AMYRA,

Edited by:
Jean-Pierre Bure

Spoken voice by:
Mathieu Carpentier

Special thanks for the love and support of my loved ones and everyone involved in this process

Lobke Leemans is a dancer, performer, maker based in Belgium. Who is interested in the higher purpose of dance. She likes to invest in the translation of the body.
To listen carefully to the body. These uncomfortable feelings and sensations, if examined with curiosity, can be a profound teacher. These emotions or waves of energy desire to move through her and shed light on areas that need to heal. Underneath emotions are sensations that live in the body as clues guiding her toward contemplation.

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