Something Els(a)

Something Els(a) is a solo made and performed by Elsa Tagawa. The performance mixes singing, acting, and dancing. The public is invited to sit around a ceremonial dinner and witness a story that you all know. Inspired by Snow White, the performance underlines the two female figures of this story. The angel, faithful and innocent character of Snow White and the perverse, capricious, uncontrollable step mother. What do these two characters say about how women are seen? Or about what they should be? The piece doesn’t have the pretention to answer these questions but invites the spectator to contemplate these representations.
Exposing your sexuality could be a way to expose injuries inflicted onto your body that do not belong to the executioner anymore.


Outside eyes: Per Anders Kraudy Solli / Magdelaine Hodebourg / Marlla Araujo
Music : Jean-Pierre Bure/ Elsa Tagawa
Costumes: Ching-Shu Huang / Aliya Davenne Idrissi / Elsa Tagawa

Warning : Nudity
Language : English

You can call her ANACONDA or MASTODONTE. They are some of her many alter egos. Those two nick names have quite a story but maybe here is not the place to tell those stories. She has always been a lover of dancing, singing, and acting. She trained dance until she got accepted to P.A.R.T.S. and met emerging and established artists that marked her and helped her develop her own artistic vision.
Art for her is a refuge, an outlet, an immersion in the present, a vulnerability that she will never give up. Art allows her to escape her condition, to reinvent herself.

“Something Els(a)” is part of Saturday 25th June program C

Saturday 25th June / Program C / 19:15 / ⧖1h and 5 minutes (including one interval)
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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