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Timothy Nouzak / Common-Works Nº5.7 - Brussels Edition

Common-Works / Taipei edition ©Atelier Transformeurs
Common-Works / Taipei edition ©Atelier Transformeurs


Brussels Edition

Common-Works is an ongoing edition-based performance project. Together with 10 performers, it deals with the development of collective, semi-improvised movement practices that aim to relocate notions on discourse and representation within collectively experienced intensities such as flow, embodiment and notions of becoming. Each edition starts from the content and context of the previous one. For this edition, we asked ourselves how poetics of representation can be reinscribed through politics of care. The focus is set on creating a safe, social space in order to develop theoretical as well as practice-based strategies on how to collectively share embodied knowledge to then formulate alternative structures of representation in relation to the performing body.

The work has so far been realized in Taipei, Senegal, Amsterdam, and Munich and is now in its 5th edition in Brussels.

Trailer Common-Works Nº5.7 - Brussels Edition

Concept: Timothy Nouzak
In collaboration with: Benthe De Man, Dieke De Gendt, Elise Ludinard, Géraldine Haas, Isabella Daffara, Jacopo Buccino, Kaori Ishiguro, Lucía Nieto Vera, Matthew Decuyper and Mimi Wascher
In conversation with: Freda Fiala and Guy Cools
Artistic Documentation: Polina Fenko
Mentor: Manon Santkin
Residency support: STUK-House for Dance, Image & Sound, Wild Gallery, De School van Gaasbeek, Studio Zaman and WEMOVE.
Special thanks to: Laura, Thomas, Ryan, Sien, Steven, other Steven and Mary

Timothy Nouzak is a performance-maker from Vienna (AT) and Houston, TX (US). He started out with classical ballet at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School. At the age of 16, he started his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in "Contemporary and Classical Dance" at the Music and Arts University of Vienna. He joined the Training Cycle in 2016 and joined the STUDIOS program in 2019.
In the past years he performed with Shelley Senter/Trisha Brown “Set and Reset/Reset” at ImPulsTanz Festival (AT), Gerard&Kelly “Reusable Parts/Endless Love” during Festival Camping Asia, in Taipei (TW), Ivo Dimchev “Avoiding deLIFEath” at ImPulsTanz Festival (AT), Anton Lachky “Golden Jumpers” at CCB-Bleiburg Festival (SK), Sukina Abdul Noor “Duality” at Passa Porta Festival (BE), Phoebe Berglund “Static” at Boghossian Foundation/ Villa Empain (BE), Willi Dorner “Living Room” at Sonnwendviertel (AT), ”WHATWEARE”/SubsTanz, S. Giorgio Festival Udine (IT). In 2019 he co-choreographed together with Tina Leisch “Traiskirchen”, a political performance work for 48 performers from various backgrounds in the frame of “Wiener Festwochen” at Volkstheater Wien. His current artistic research is framed within several communal movement practices, which tend to explore the intersection between norm/narrative, culture/identity and embodied history/memory.

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Saturday June 19, 2021 / 20h / ⧖ 2h incl. break

Sunday June 20, 2021 / 20h / ⧖ 2h incl. break
Common-Works Nº5.7 - Brussels Edition is part of a double bill, you always buy a ticket for 2 performances
Location: Rosas Performance Space - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
For tickets (7€) click here
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