Do you like balloons ? Do you like flowers ? Do you like clowns ?

I am here to entertain you, can you do the same for me after this performance ends ? I am here to tell you everything I went through before this performance ? Are you listening ?

I am a clown, what about you ?

A performance is nothing but a result of the work that someone does to produce art, the unknown efforts that take place in the making of an artistic work are more interesting than the work it self, the process of making art is long and demanding it feeds on energy, thoughts, memories and creativity. Paying attention to those elements is more rewarding than paying for a ticket.
Art is in the process not in the product.

Credits :
Performers & Dramaturg :
Amine Mazhoud
English, Arabic.
Accessibility :
The audience is free to move in space.
Picture :
Bruce Davidson Circus (The Dwarf, Jimmy with Cigarette and Flowers), 1958

Monday 4th July @WIELS / 19:00 / ⧖ 30 minutes
Venue: WIELS - Av. Van Volxem 354, 1190 Forest
This performance is FREE but a registration is required.
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