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This month at P.A.R.T.S.

Last week the students of the 7th year Dance of Kunsthumaniora Brussels (KHB) were in residency at PARTS.

In September 2021, Kunsthumaniora Brussels expanded its educational program and launched a 7th year of contemporary dance. This full time bridge year allows KHB students to be better prepared to audition for bachelor programs in dance throughout Europe, such as the Training program at PARTS.

The collaboration between PARTS and KHB allows KHB students to gradually learn about the context of PARTS and get familiar with the school. Teachers of the week were PARTS alumni Cassandre Cantillon and Roman Van Houtven.

Kunsthumaniora Brussels (KHB) will organize an extra audition for the 7th year dance program on the 21st of december to enroll to start in the second semester of the program.
Info link & registrations:

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