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Kristien Van den Brande BE

An ongoing interest in the (im)materiality, the image and performativity of writing has led Kristien Van den Brande to work in between the disciplines of urbanism, literature, performance, art criticism and expanded publishing. After a master’s Philosophy of Pedagogy, Theatre Studies, and one year research at Jan Van Eyck Academy, her main anchor became Brussels and performing arts, where she feels most stimulated by the question of the audience and how to give space, rhythm, light, form… to (the production and the transmission of) knowledge. Recurrent focal points are archives, scores and improvisation, indirect speech, performative writing and counter-signing, appropriation and inscription, expanded publishing and memorizing. She alternates between writing, editing and web design, curating, performing, dramaturgy and mentoring at A.pass. She has collaborated with Myriam Van Imschoot, Mette Edvardsen, Christine De Smedt, Sarah Vanhee, Wim Cuyvers.