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Steven Michel FR

Steven Michel is a performer and choreographer based in Brussels. He studied mime, musical theatre and percussion in France and graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2010. As a performer, Steven worked with choreographers, visual artists, play and film directors such as David Zambrano, Falk Richter, Lukas Dhont, Daniel Linehan, Sarah&Charles, Nelle Hens and Maud Le Pladec. Since 2011, Steven became a long-time collaborator of choreographer Jan Martens.

Parallel to his performing in other people’s works, Steven has been focusing on his own research and making. Among his creations : the solo They Might be Giants in 2016; Affordable Solution for Better Living in 2018 (the first collaboration with artist Théo Mercier, for which they won the Silver Lion at the Venice Dance Biennale 2019); BIG SISTERS in 2020 (second collaboration with Théo Mercier); and his latest solo DATADREAM in 2021.

Steven’s work is supported and produced by GRIP since 2016.