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Anja Röttgerkamp DE

Anja Röttgerkamp was born in Wiedenbrück/Germany.
After having finished the Folkwangschule in Essen/Germany (Dir.Pina Bausch) she had her own company and then worked with several different company’s like Gisele Vienne, Marco Berrettini, Raffaella Giordano, Louise Vanneste, etc.
She did two formations in Fascial Release (Fasciatheraphie MDB) and movement analysis in Paris, France and Belgium and a formation for the 'Diplome d'Etat' of teaching in France.
She currently teaches in different schools and organizations throughout Europe, teaching and accompanying company’s in their creative process. Gisele Vienne, Margret Sara Guojonsdotir, Alma Söderberg, Mette Ingvardson, Louise Vannest, Culberg Ballet, ISAC, La Raffinerie, la Cartoucherie (Paris), TNB ( Rennes, France), etc.
In her private treatments she has developed a technique that combines the creative side with the health aspect of moving, by using the natural systems of efficiency in the body (brain/soul) that is often replaced by a way that is too voluntary...... making fun and letting go as a very important motor for our actions and creativity.