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Arco Renz DE

Arco Renz works as choreographer, director, dancer, actor, curator, dramaturge, and teacher. As artistic director of Brussels based dance company Kobalt Works since 2001, Arco Renz creates choreographies in Europe and Asia, as well as commissioned works for Opera Houses and institutional companies around the world. An important aspect of Arco Renz’ activities is his engagement in projects promoting the development of research and exchange between European and Asian artists: Between 2011-2016, Arco Renz engaged in collaborative performance projects of very different nature in Cambodia (CRACK), Indonesia (solid.states + KRIS IS), Vietnam (Hanoi Stardust), the Philippines(COKE), Singapore/Thailand (ALPHA), Hong Kong/Korea (EAST). Monsoon, a series of research and collaboration platforms bringing together Asian and European artists is an on-going project with editions in Europe, Asia and Australia. A central focus within aRco’s specific choreographic idiom is the comparative study of various body practices originating in Asia and Europe. He continues to teach dance, choreography and Taiji Chuan in numerous institutions around the world. Arco Renz studied dance, theatre, and literature in Berlin and Paris before joining the first generation of P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.