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Eleanor Ivory Weber AU

Eleanor Ivory Weber is a writer working in contemporary visual arts, performance, political theory and poetry. She is co-director of Divided Publishing, Brussels/London. Since 2018, she teaches art history, theory and critical practice at Erg (École de recherche graphique–école supérieure des arts), Brussels. Her text-based work has been performed in Europe and Australia, including at Kunsthal Gent, Q-O2, ISELP, Hectolitre, Établissement d’en face, Buenos Tiempos, Int. (all Belgium); Dortmunder Kunstverein, M.I/mi1glissé/groupsandindividuals, Flutgraben
 (all Germany); Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen); and Repetition/s–Performance Philosophy (Ljubljana). She has been a guest tutor at the Australian National University School of Art & Design, Canberra; Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main
 (with Camilla Wills, as Divided) and École supérieure d’arts & médias de Caen/Cherbourg, Caen. In 2019, her long poem “It—Subject” was published by Jacket2, Philadelphia. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Afterall, SALT., frieze, LUX and How to Become a Body Double. Eleanor has been artistic researcher at a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies), Posthogeschool voor podiumkunst, Brussels, and holds first class honours in art history & theory from The University of Sydney, with the thesis “A process without end: autonomous art structures and the politics of self-organisation” (2012). She is currently undertaking a master’s in political theory at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (expected 2021). http://divided.online