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Eva Schram BE

Eva Schram is an actress, a writer, a maker. She obtained a Master degree in Roman literature at the RUG in 1994 and a Master degree in the dramatic arts at the Herman Teirlinck Higher Institute in 1999. For her graduation project, she received the award of the IT's festival as best actress with own written material. She was on stage with large and small companies: Toneelhuis, KVS, Theater Zuidpool, DeTijd, Het Paleis, Jan Decorte, Malpertuis, SKAGEN, Hanneke Paauwe, Tristero, Het Gevolg, Sam Bogaerts, LOD, Josse de Pauw, compagnie Marius, Productiehuis Brabant, AbattoirFermé... In recent years she has also started to focus on social-artistic work - Kunst Z,Forsythia, Tutti Fratelli- and teaching. She previously taught at the conservatory of Antwerpand KASK Ghent.