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François Nicolas FR

François Nicolas is a Researcher and Associate Professor in charge of contemporary music at the École normale supérieure (Ulm) and Ircam. As a composer he combines composition with theoretical reflection. Having studied philosophy at the École Polytechnique (Paris), organ with Albert Alain, piano with Carlos Roque-Alsina, and composition with Michel Philippot, he performed jazz before turning to contemporary music. Nicolas met Mauricio Kagel and Luciano Bério, attended lectures at Darmstadt, and took the Ircam computer training course for composers. He is currently working on “Égalité ’68” a large-scale compositional project on May ’68 consisting of a symphony, a cantata, a madrigal, and an opera. He lectured for some time at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris and was also a guest producer at France-Musique. Together with Hacène Larbi he founded the Entretemps ensemble and contributed at Ircam to the production of the Modalys software and Timée multi-loudspeaker source. He has just completed the large book Le monde-Musique (et son écoute à l’œuvre) [The World-Music (and its Listening in the Work)] and is preparing a book on Parsifal.