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Mamadou Baldé SN

Mamadou Baldé is a Senegalese dancer since 1997. He started in small groups in Saint Louis, Senegal. After several competitions, Baldé decided to follow dance training courses at the Ecole des Sables in Toubab Dialaw, directed by by Germaine Acogny, in 2006 for 3 months. In 2007 he returned as a Professional Dancer at the Ecole des Sables. In 2008, he joins the Jant-Bi Company and works under the direction of several internationally renowned choreographers: Robyn Orlin, Jessica Sandoval, Gerardo Trejoluna... With the company, he participates in tours in Europe, United States, ...

At the same time, at the Espace Sobo Badé in Toubab Dialaw, several choreographers have been coming for many years with their students from Europe and elsewhere to work with Baldé.