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Stina Nyberg and Zoë Poluch

The choreographers and dancers Stina Nyberg and Zoë Poluch are based in Sweden and have been collaborating since 2010 when they met while studying in the MA in choreography at DOCH in Stockholm. Through a wide range of dance relationships and a steady base of friendship they keep creating work, workshops, educational frameworks, texts, conversations and dances.

Stina Nyberg lives in Stockholm and works in Sweden and internationally as a performer and choreographer. In her practice, she uses conviction and illusion in order to create new systems of logic which constructs the world differently, and make bodies act accordingly. At moments she calls this performative force magic, sometimes a craft, and occasionally a practice. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body; its social and political construction and ability to move. She has developed a series of independent works in collaboration with choreographers, musicians, visual artists, technicians and magicians. Her latest project, The Tesla Project, involves a solo performance with a Tesla coil (Thunderstruck, 2017), a lecture performance (The woman who lit the world, 2018) and a live concert with musician Maria W Horn (Alternating Currents, 2018), as well as a puppet show about ghost sex in collaboration with Diederik Peeters and Andros Zins-Browne (Spectrophilia, 2018). Stina is the choreographer of the live concert Shaking the Habitual by the Swedish band The Knife and was performing in the show 2013-2014. She is also part of the collective Samlingen, who in site-specific situations grapple dance history from a feminist perspective. During 2020 she develops a public art work on commission from the Public Art Agency Sweden and premieres her new dance work Make Hay While The Sun Shines at MDT in Stockholm.

With an artistic practice that takes shape in different rooms and puts into motion different mediums, Zoë Poluch’s deeply critical eye for the contemporary dance scene is based on a long term and practice-based interest in the politics of moving and sensing. As she dances, talks, teaches, writes and thinks, she does it with a precise gymnastics of the senses. She looks forward to the far future, perhaps 2070, when she will inaugurate a dance company for dancing people 70 years and older and tour with a solar airplane. In the past, she studied, trained and worked in Canada and Belgium and could be found dancing and performing on big and small stages, kind of all over with the likes of Thomas Hauert/ZOO and The Knife. More recently, this has included extensive commitments to collaborations with Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Elisa Harkins, Cara Tolmie, Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg and Halla Olafsdottir. Zoë is currently Assistant Professor in Contemporary Dance at SKH in Stockholm.