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Tessa Hall NZ

Tessa Hall (b. 1994, New Zealand) studied at P.A.R.T.S from 2016-2021, beginning in the Generation XII training cycle and graduating with the first generation of STUDIOS (MA in Dance). During her time at P.A.R.T.S., Tessa’s interests led her to take on various roles from performer to writer, researcher, curator and organizer. A pivotal moment of her education was taking on a leading role in curating/organizing the GXII Festival (2019) alongside peer, Jonas Gineika. As part of STUDIOS, Tessa created her solo Medusa is Laughing, based on the work of the feminist theorist, Hélène Cixous. Her research has a feminist focus with particular interest in sexual difference philosophy, while her work is often about the voice of women—written and spoken, on paper and on the stage.

Since 2020 Tessa has been writing various texts for Rosas, including a piece co-written with Julia Rubies Subiros that was published in the photo book “Drumming”. Tessa worked as production assistant on 3ird5@w9rk, made by De Keersmaeker and Radouan Mriziga for Kunstenfestivaldesarts (2020), and collaborated on Dark Red—Fondation Beyler (2021), along with Némo Flouret. She has also been performing in Rosas' recent tour of Drumming.

Tessa is a close collaborator of Bleu Printemps, the collaborative structure established by Némo Flouret, Georges Labbat and Solène Wachter, participating in projects such as 900 Days Spent in the XXth Century (2021) and She sat in the room (2021).