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Tristan Garcia FR

Tristan Garcia is a writer of both books of fiction and books of theory. After working with Alain Badiou and Quentin Meillassoux at the ENS, he was awarded his PhD for a thesis on the subject of « representation » in human arts, which he had written under the supervision of Sandra Laugier. On the same year, he published his first novel, translated in English under the title: Hate: a romance (Faber & Faber, 2011). Working as a teacher on short-time contract in the University of Amiens, he continued his career as a novelist (Memories from the Jungle, 2010; In the absence of final ranking, 2011; Browser’s chords, 2012; Faber. The destroyer, 2013) and conducted further researches in metaphysics, leading to the publishing of Form and object. A treatise on things, translated into english. As a defender of a de-determined metaphysics, he’s trying to remain at distance between object ontologies and relational ontologies, and to move away from critical thinking without becoming strictly descriptive: believing that nothing should be reducible by thinking to nothing, nor to another thing, he would like to conceive the very chance of anything, including the negative, in order to experience a new carving of the world.

Seeking for the chance of each entity, he wrote ethical or esthetical essays about animal suffering (We, animals and humans, 2011), images (The Image, 2007) comic books or TV series (Six Feet Under. Our destinyless lives, 2012). Last year he began publishing a trilogy of ethical (Intensive Life, 2016), political (We, 2016) and metaphysical (Letting be, to be published) books, after writing a sum of many novels, called 7.

He’s now a professor at the University of Lyon, teaching aesthetics and metaphysics, and working on a modern epic. It’s going to take him some time.