ADVANCED PROGRAM - WEEK 3 (24–28/07/2023)

Yoga class with Laia Puig Escandell
Unfold & unlock your personal potential
During this time we will be introduced to Yoga as a holistic practice. The five points of the holistic system are: proper exercise (Asana), proper breathing (Pranayama), proper relaxation (Savasana), proper diet (vegetarian), positive thinking and meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana), although we will mainly work on the first 2-3 points.
This Yoga classes will be the moment to unfold and unblock, first physiologically and then into deeper levels of awareness, identifying our unnecessary/not useful patterns and habits, and letting go of them.
Balancing, strengthening and stretching the body, increasing concentration and learning to closely listen, read and explore our bodies for better understanding and efficiency.
This way each of us individually can connect with our own potential, tune into a deeper intelligence, expand ourselves as artists and as humans and share it with the community and the world. I hope you all enjoy the process of unfolding yourselves.
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Workshop Partnering workshop, improvisation with Emmi Väisänen
In this workshop we will bring awareness to our own body through another body, because we can learn a lot about ourselves through another person.Partnering can help us recognize where we have limitations and patterns and through these discoveries, re-discover ourselves. We will work in duos, groups and also improvise by ourselves, but with assistance of a partner.
The body is complex and while working with a partner there are multiple elements being negotiated constantly: agency, touch, weight. Therefore improving coordination and expanding awareness in our own body can make one more available to another.
In the past years I have been working closely with companies 'not standing' and ECCE, that have influenced and deepened my interest in the search for the unconventional and detailed, intricate movement of the body. This workshop is for curious minds who wish to challenge themselves and through partnering discover more versatility and new pathways within themselves.

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Contemporary technique class with David Hernandez
'Dynamic Movement Systems' is a technique class with an emphasis on weight, falling, redirecting energy, accentuating sensations of unfamiliar co-ordinations and torsions. Rhythm and accents awaken the neuromuscular abilities of the body towards virtuosity, precision and articulation that challenge the dancer’s habitual movement patterns. The exercises or etudes encourage an emphasis on universal laws of motion and reveal motion itself rather than shape and gestures.The gradual training from floor to standing to travelling and jumping constitute a thorough work out that by the end of the class leave a taste of ‘everything is possible’ in a vibrant body. More importantly, the class is building a practice in motion with useful technical tips for long and healthy dancing, encouraging the dancer to get to know their body and expand its fitness level as well as its creative capacity.

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